Online Financial Aid Resources

Information is your friend, when it comes to understanding the financial aid process. We’ve searched the web to locate the most reputable aid information resources, just for you.

  • Federal Student Aid: This is the official site of the Federal government’s student aid program. This is the first place you want to go to learn about college costs, if you’re just beginning your research. Check out the financial aid available, as well as college preparation guidelines and checklists.
  • State Higher Education Agencies: Use this listing to locate your state’s education board. You can use their website to look for state-specific grants, scholarships, and loans.
  • Student Jobs: The Federal government has hundreds of jobs set aside for students who would like to gain experience and earn extra cash to pay for school. Use this site to explore the available Federal student jobs around the country.
  • This “student gateway to the U.S. government” has plenty of great resources for prospective students. There is college prep and financial aid advice, as well as listings of internships, graduate fellowships, and student jobs.
  • Repayment Plans & Calculators: Got a financial aid package with student loans, and don’t really know what to think? This site can help you understand how long it will take to repay loans of particular amounts, and how much interest you’ll pay.
  • Know How 2 Go: This is a great site for current junior high and high school students who want to learn more about what it takes to go to college. Read about how to get ready for college at different grade levels, and learn about college costs and financial aid.
  • Going 2 College: Going 2 College is a great way to learn about financial aid and college resources that are unique to your particular state. You can also explore careers and learn how to plan your college prep journey.
  • Higher Education Opportunity Act Information on College Costs: Finding it hard to figure out what the true cost of college will be at different institutions? A Federal act created this website, which shows net costs at different higher education institutions. There are also charts on state financial aid spending.
  • FastWeb: This is a free scholarship search engine. Search for scholarships based on your intended major, academic standing, or personal interests.
  • Black College Dollars: African Americans searching for scholarships can use this resource from Sallie Mae to find aid money. You can search based on your GPA and career interests.
  • Hispanic College Fund: Use this site to learn about scholarship and professional development programs specifically for people of Hispanic backgrounds.

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